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Hints & Tips - Cross Stitch


Hints And Tips For Handicrafts - Cross Stitch

Below are some bullet point tips for the Cross Stitch Classes

  • Make sure all stitches are crossed in the same direction
  • If the pattern is stitched in 2 strands try using a single thread folded in 2 so when starting the first stitch it is secured at back by just going through the folded loop this reduces the reverse side thickness.
  • When stitching try not to take thread go across unstitched areas on the back as they will show through on the front when framing.
  • When using half and quarter stitches make sure they are evenly divided.
  • Back stitch enhances the picture – be careful to ensure the back stitches are even. If it the item requires long stitches make sure they are secure and not pulled too tight.

 Finishing the Cross Stitch

  • Make sure all threads have been tied in neatly at the back.
  • Carefully Hand Wash the item to remove any marks and creases
  • Steam iron will stiffen the fabric which will make framing easier
  • If framing yourself make sure the picture is centralised and the item is slightly stretched to prevent any creases in the final item.
  • If displaying in a card a little wadding at the back of the stitching enhances the picture.


If you are unsure about any of the above YouTube it a great place to find a demo


Happy Stitching