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2023 Show

Show Secretary Report

Show Secretary presentation 2023

Good afternoon everyone and thank you for attending our 45th Village Show.  This is my 8th year as Show Secretary and I cannot believe it has been so many.  Every year I learn new things about the organising of the Show or we change the way we do a part of it to improve the experience to all.  This year, for example, as part of a ‘comments’ sheet from 2022, there were remarks and suggestions as to how we could improve the organising and layout of the Photography section. It had up to this year been a bit of a scrabble to find a space on the board and somehow secure the entry form to the photograph.  The photographs were arranged in an ad hoc manner, looked rather messy and definitely needed improvement.  Thanks to Phil and Jenny Hickley, Martyn Dowsett, Philippa and Mike Brandon and myself, we now have a much-improved system that is less stressful for the entrant as well as the Stewards, whose job it is now to mount the photos in a tidy and organised system. 

Our Oasis program that we use to run the Show is also tweaked every year to incorporate additions to the system to make it work for us and we have Martyn to thank for this.  I know I certainly keep him on his toes with demands to make my life easier when sorting out aspects of the Show. 

Our Sponsorship every year is vital to allow us to run the Show and without the huge efforts of Angie Armitage we would not have such brilliant prizes to provide you when you are lucky enough to win, from the sale of our Draw ticket.

Without our Treasurer Geoff Cox, we would not be so organised in sorting out the show finances and making sure all those of you who have entered, have your winnings before you leave the Show.  There are many hours spent behind the scenes ensuring the books are in order, thank-you Geoff.

This is just a sample of committee and volunteers involved.

Now let’s look at numbers…  We had another good response to 2023 with 76 Entrants providing 581 Entries to the Show.  These numbers are on par compared to previous years.

Comparing the figures with last year….. 

Vegetables          Group A                               We were up 16

Mammoth          Group B                                Was a record year with 41 entries.  Up by 20.      

In this Mammoth Group there were 3 Record Breakers.

A Marrow entered by David Page with a weight of 35.4k (77.88lb). This broke David’s previous record of 31.95k (70.29lb) in 2017.

A Truss of tomatoes entered by Andrew Warner weighing 2.3k (5.06lb).  This broke a 2006 record previously held by David Cole of 2.12k (4.66lb).

A Kohl Rabi entered by Rob Birnie weighing 6.1k (13.42lb).  This broke Andrew Tokelys’ record in 2019 of 4.9k (10.78lb), when we added this vegetable to our Mammoth Records.

Longest Runner Bean      Group D we were up by 8 this year.

The Novelty Classes in Group I were down by 16.

Group K Flowers & Foliage were down by 5.

Cookery Group L were up by 8.. 

Group M Handicrafts were up by 7

Group N Art were up by 3

The most surprising change in numbers compared to last year and previous years was Group 0 Photography.  We were down by 64 entries.  We wondered if this was the subjects and hope that next year the titles will improve this normally very popular group of classes.

The final Groups P & Q The Childrens classes were on par with last year and it was great to see photography subjects included which has proved popular.

Opening the doors to the Village Hall on Friday from 1600-1800hrs is becoming increasingly popular particularly for those with large amounts of entries and/or who were unable to get here early Saturday morning.  I think this change is now here to stay.   There is a lovely calm relaxed atmosphere with entrants focusing on placing or arranging their entries without the rush that is more apparent on Saturday mornings in some cases.

Now to the Presentations

Before we start the Presentations can I say a big thank you to all who have helped us create another brilliant Show.  Committee, allotment members, volunteers and the people who come and look around and support us.  Thank You.

Wendy Russell

Show Secretary

Banksian Medal Winner

This year's winner of the prestigious RHS Banksian Medal presented to the person winning the most prize money in the Vegetable, Fruit and Floral classes was David Page, and here he is with his medal

 IMG 20230903 155331 HDR

David Page

Show Results

The following resources have been made available for download

Click here for details of the major prize winners

Click here for details of the winners of the individual classes

Click here for the Best Kept Allotment competition

Click here for details of the Mammoth Vegetable Record Breakers (We had three new records this year, Truss Of Tomatoes, Kohl Rabi and Marrow)

Grand Prize Draw Winners

 The winner of the "Name The Teddy" competition was Chloe Lieberman, the teddies name was "Lilah"

The winner of the "Football Game" was Sandi Uttens and the winning team was "Blackburn Rovers"

The Prize Draw winners were as follows:






Colin Ball



Mr Cobner



Margaret Brazier



Jo Crapnell



Mr G Baldry



Sue Dale


Wildlife Camera

Mr B Soulsby


£25 Bypass Nurseries Voucher

Charles Heath 


Beth Chatto Voucher

Jo Crapnell


Knoll Gardens Tickets

Mr & Mrs Lockwood


£30 Gladwells Voucher

Mike Garrod


Afternoon Tea Voucher from Capel Bakery + Kneeler from Harrod Horticultural

Jackie Woolener


£25 Place for Plants Voucher

Mary Setterfield


Bay Tree and Pot

Colin Hayward


Bouquet of Flowers

Mr Page


Basket of Fruit

Baz Root


2 Large Garden Pots

Brenda Green


2 Garden Torches

T Bloomfield


Pot of Chocs

Brian Marr


Pot of Chocs Jade Boyle


Pot of Chocs Gordon Mower
22 Pot of Chocs Mary Cracknell

Pictures From The Show