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We publish a monthly newsletter containing both garden and allotment news and advice as part of our service to the community, along with advertising events that are being organised and other notifications and warnings as deemed necessary.

Newsletter - August 2021

26 July 2021


Hoe weekly to stop weed seeds germinating. Cut down uncultivated areas and spray re-growth with Bio Glyphosate  ready for next season. Scatter slug pellets. Apply path weed killer. Water plants thoroughly, do not waste time & water by indiscriminate spraying. Top-dress containers with horticultural 4mm grit. Feed weekly with Maxicrop or Phostrogen. If going on holiday arrange for a friend to water plants in containers, frames, greenhouse, outdoor tomatoes, marrows, courgettes & cucumbers. Encourage them to pick ALL sweet peas, courgettes, french & runner beans as these will stop producing if left on the plant. Stock up with ‘Restaurant Quality’ lump wood charcoal for those impromptu barbecues.

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Tribute to Graham Whybrow

26 May 2021

Tribute to Graham Whybrow who died tragically on Sunday 23rd May 2021

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Newsletter - May 2021

12 May 2021

Garden News - May 2021

Clear weeds with Weedol £4.90, or ready mixed, 1ltr £3.30 or Bio Glyphosate (100ml £1). Rotovate cleared areas (Cultivator available on site @ £10 for the first two hours). Scatter slug pellets (824g £2.50 & £4). Rake in 4oz sq. yd. Growmore (5kg £4.50) prior to sowing or planting. Kill weeds on paths, patios and drives (Path Clear £2 1ltr rtu). Set up the barbecue (12kg lump wood charcoal £10). Protect fruit & plants from bird attacks with bird netting from 80p per meter. Check the water softener and top up with salt (25kg £8.50 and 2 x 4kg blocks @ £5). Water plants thoroughly with an open ended watering can, do not waste time & water by indiscriminate spraying by using a rose once seedlings have emerged. Seed potatoes will not need watering until June at the earliest.

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Newsletter - April 2021

1 April 2021


@ ’The Hut’ stall this week

Lettuce Plants & Freshly picked Rhubarb £1.

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2020 A Year Over Capel Allotments

22 March 2021

2020 - A Year Over Capel Allotments

Well what a year 2020 was, global pandemic, social distancing, lockdowns, how did we all survive?

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Newsletter - March 2021

26 February 2021


Premiere & Maris Bard 1st early & Kestrel 2nd early & Cara & Maris Piper seed potatoes available at £1.50 a kilo

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Newsletter - February 2021

1 February 2021



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2020 Hut Price List Available

14 January 2021

Please note that at present we expect our Trading Hut will open on the fist Saturday in February, and ready for the opening this years price list is now available. We will be reviewing the opening of the hut based on government guidelines in force at the time, but please if you are going to come we do ask that you wear a mask and maintain social distancing.

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Newsletter - January 2021

28 December 2020


‘SEED POTATOES’ at £1.50 for 1kg NOW IN STOCK

Welcome to 2021. 365 days when you can grow your own vegetables knowing just how much or little insecticide has been applied, what feed has helped them to grow and just how good they taste when picked fresh from your plot. A year when you can enjoy some healthy exercise in very pleasant surroundings.

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Newletter - December 2020

29 November 2020


Season's greetings to all our members and readers.

VEG PLOT: - Continue with your winter digging incorporating recycled garden waste. Mushroom Compost at £30 a ‘Bucket’ load delivered to your plot, phone 310380 or call in to the Mushroom Farm to order a load.  Sow or plant lettuce under cloches. Feed compost heaps with sulphate of ammonia. Check brassicas for white fly & spray as necessary. Harvest sprouts & winter cabbage. Leeks & parsnips can be left in the ground until needed. Check, clean & oil tools including secateurs, lines, watering cans, sprayers & wheelbarrows. Replacements make excellent Christmas presents! Check stored crops for rat or mouse damage (bait sachets £1).

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