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Capel St Mary Allotments Association organises and participates in a number of events through the year, these include


Held in the spring on a Sunday morning following the Spring Work-In, this is our main business meeting for the year and all plotholders are encouraged to attend and participate.

The Annual BBQ

Our annual Allotment Associations BBQ, traditionally held at the end of July, and also traditionally a wet evening with the occasional thunderstorm thrown in for good measure, provides one of the social highlights of the year for the association members and their guests. Since 2021 this has been superceded by "The Picnic On The Plot"

The Annual Summer Flower and Produce Show

This is our premier event and is always a wonderful weekend. Every year we are astounded by the quality and number of entries. It takes a massive amount of work to prepare for the show and we are grateful to the show secretary and all the volunteers who readily give their time to make this such an outstanding success every year.

Picnic On The Plot

A new annual event that is growing in popularity,  traditionally being held on the same date that the BBQ took place at the end of July. However, so far we have avoided the thunderstorms that traditionally accompanied our annual BBQ.

Spring and Autumn Work-In

The work-in provides the opportunity for plotholders to help maintain the fabric of the site. By volunteering our time and strength we help to keep the cost of renting a plot down as much as possible, as otherwise the Parish Council would have to fund the maintenance and this would be reflected in higher rental payments. We hold two work-ins a year, one in the spring and another in the autumn, these are held on a Sunday morning with mid-morning refreshments being provided to keep us going.

Capel St Mary Scarecrow Trail

Organised throughout the village, the allotment association regularly joins in with this annual event with a scarecrow on the allotment site. Some photos of our entry can be found on our "Site In Pictures" page.

Capel Funday

Organised by the Capel Community Trust the annual Funday brings the village together for an afternoon. The primary aim of Funday is to promote community spirit amongst the villagers of Capel St Mary, but also to support the aims of Capel Community Trust and Capel Community Association. The Allotment association supports thsi village event and typically we bring along our "Biggest Bagatelle In The World" game, along with other games.