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We publish a monthly newsletter containing both garden and allotment news and advice as part of our service to the community, along with advertising events that are being organised and other notifications and warnings as deemed necessary.

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Newsletter - August 2022

27 July 2022


Hoe weekly to stop weed seeds germinating. Cut down uncultivated areas and spray re-growth with Bio Glyphosate  ready for next season. Apply path weed killer. Water plants thoroughly, do not waste time and water by indiscriminate spraying. Top-dress containers with horticultural 4mm grit. Feed weekly with Maxicrop or Phostrogen. If going on holiday arrange for a friend to water plants in containers, frames, greenhouse, outdoor tomatoes, marrows, courgettes and cucumbers. Encourage them to pick ALL sweet peas, courgettes, french and runner beans as these will stop producing if left on the plant. Stock up with ‘Restaurant Quality’ lump wood charcoal for those impromptu barbecues.

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