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Newsletter - May 2024

1 May 2024

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Garden News - May 2024

Clear weeds with suitable selective weed killer. Rotovate cleared areas (Cultivator available on site for hire - simply contact the site manager for more information). Rake in 4oz sq. yd. Growmore prior to sowing or planting. Kill weeds on paths, patios and drives. Set up the barbecue. Protect fruit and plants from bird attacks with bird netting. Check the water softener and top up with salt. Water plants thoroughly with an open ended watering can, do not waste time and water by indiscriminate spraying by using a rose once seedlings have emerged. Seed potatoes will not need watering until June at the earliest.

VEG PLOT: - Plant cauliflower, cabbage, sprouts, calabrese, kale, main crop potatoes and celery. Sow or plant runner beans to grow up 8' canes set in two rows 2½ to 3 feet apart, cross canes as low as 3 feet from the ground to allow the maximum number of beans to hang outwards and grow straight for easy picking and for the show bench. Tie in other canes at 45and through the cross-over point to strengthen the structure. Sow salad crops, French beans, marrow, pumpkin, courgette, squashes, cucumbers, sweet corn, turnip, swede and carrots. Cover potatoes if frost is forecast or water early in the morning before the sun damages the frozen leaves. Sow fennel, basil and dill. Harvest broad beans, spouting broccoli, cauliflowers, radish, lettuce and asparagus. We sell a range of vegetable seeds to supplement our autumn seed scheme. Thin seeds sown in April. Gloves are available to protect your hands.

FRUIT: - Spray fruit trees which are affected by mildew, scab, aphids or codling moth. Check for caterpillars, black fly and red spider mite and spray with suitable insecticide. When fruit has set apply a nitrogen feed and water in dry spells. Put straw around strawberries to protect fruit from slugs.

GREENHOUSE: - Ventilate, provide shade and increase humidity. Sow melons, cucumber and sweet corn. Prick out half-hardy annuals into 12, 15 or 40 cell tray inners or pots. Full size rigid trays and half size flexi's are also available. Feed established plants weekly with liquid feed or Miracle-Gro. Support plants with 2' green canes. Pinch out tips of fuchsias after two pairs of leaves. Control insects and pests with a suitable insecticide. Plant tomato, cucumber, pepper and aubergine plants in grow bags. Feed weekly when fruits begin to swell with tomato feed. Plant melons in cold frames or in pots on greenhouse bench and let trail down, pinch out growing tip at four leaf stage. Keep main stem dry.

FLOWERS: - Move spring bulbs to a temporary site and feed with Growmore or Blood, Fish and Bone. Sow hardy annuals and bi-annuals. Tie in sweet peas to grow up 6' canes. Cut back flowered heathers and mulch with peat. Plant up containers with summer bedding and protect from late frosts with fleece or make sure you water the plants using a rose before the sun touches them; incorporate slow release feed. Stake tall herbaceous plants or support with twigs or pea and bean netting. Mulch borders with ornamental chipped bark.

LAWNS: - Mow weekly. Apply a liquid or granular lawn treatment. When applying a granular treatment remember to water it in if it has not rained within 48 hours of applying. Various liquid feed or lawn weed killer (including moss control) available from the Hut.

All horticultural items are only available to our members from a range of quality products provided to meet basic gardening needs.



THE HUT is open 10-12 noon Saturdays and Sundays throughout May and June.


Membership is just £5 a year and is open to both plot holders and non-plot holders alike, wherever you live. A visit to ‘THE HUT’ should easily recoup this investment when you take advantage of our special bulk-buy prices. You do need to be a member to be able to purchase from THE HUT. Inflation has caused many prices to rise this year but we always try to offer great value to our members.

POND and WILDLIFE AREA open to visitors or plot holders working on their plot

Daffodil: - Singles, Doubles and Dwarfs; Muscari and Tulips have all performed well. The water level in the pond has risen and fallen depending on the rain harvested from the various shed roofs. The Snakes Head Fritillary look fantastic as do the Pond Buttercups. Wood Anemones and the flowering garlic are also doing well.


Saturday and Sunday 7th and 8th September

The schedule is on our web site or you may have received your personal copy as a previous exhibitor. The Show is open to all amateur growers and crafters wherever you may live.


Subjects for 2024:- 1.A Royal Mail Post-box, 2. Architecture, 3. Still Life, 4. A Fishing Boat(s), 5. A Picture of Your Choice.

All photographs to be colour, minimum size 150x100mm/6" x 4" and maximum size 190 x 130mm/7.5" x 5" and mounted and taken within the last twelve months.


Subjects for 2024:- 1.A hand knitted item of clothing (free choice), 2. A knitted item containing an Intarsia picture, 3. Crocheted waistcoat, 4. A Christmas Tree decoration using any medium 5. Cross Stitch card for a birthday (max size 250mm x 150mm), 6. Cross Stitch or tapestry item (kit or freestyle), 7. Any other craft item - hard material and 8. Any other craft item - soft material.