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The statutory allotment site is owned by the Capel St Mary Parish Council and over the years a good working relationship has developed between the Parish Council and the Allotments Association. The site is managed on a day-to-day basis by the Allotments Association. The Allotments Association works closely with its members and the Parish Council to maintain and improve amenities on the allotments. We especially aim to provide a strong and united voice in our dealings with the Parish Council.

Association membership is open to anyone to join and the membership fee is currently £5 per annum, you do not need to have an Allotment to join. As a member of the association you can apply to rent a plot at our Pound Lane site. At present we are only renting half-plots to satisfy demand within the locality. The rental fee for a half-plot is currently £18.50 per annum, however if as a plot-holder you attend either the spring or autumn "work-in" then you qualify for a £7 per annum discount on your plot rental.

Please note that to rent a plot you must be an association member, this is to satisfy our insurance requirements.

In times of peak demand we operate a waiting list for plots, our Site Manager can advise of the availability of plots and the size of our waiting list.

We have been "Growing in Capel" since 1977 and would like to welcome you to our association. As well as supporting a local green organisation we hope that you will find us a friendly association. We offer a range of benefits to our members and organise a wide variety of social activities, details of which you will find listed below.

If you would like to join us or if you are already an association member and want to rent a plot, please complete the relevant form and return it as advised on the from. These forms are available to download from the links on this page. Please also take time to read our constitution, rule book and local rules, also available from links on this page.

Join Us 

Benefits of Membership

Discounted garden sundries are available to members only at "The Hut" on the Pound Lane Allotments Site, Capel St Mary

Membership of the National Allotment Society

Seed ordering scheme, operated through the National Allotment Society every Autumn, offering top quality seeds at a significant discount

Our own "Potato Scheme" - Offering even bigger discounts than can be obtained through the National Allotment Society Seed Scheme.

Monthly newsletter published in the village magazine "Capel Capers" every month. This is also emailed to all members

Public Liability Insurance to cover accidents to and member of the public on your plot

Annual Picnic On The Plot - A great opportunity to meet fellow members and have a fantastic afternoon and evening

The Village Show - On the first full weekend in September - A great village event

Why Rent An Allotment?

Why rent an allotment? you ask yourself – let us give you several good reasons!

Lots of people today have concerns about the food they are eating either because of its taste, or the possibility of chemicals that have been used to produce it. People have a right to be concerned, because most of us can only buy food from large supermarkets, which in turn buy from large commercial producers. Naturally, they attempt to produce as much as possible, and tend to use vegetable varieties that produce larger quantities, which very often do not have a very good taste or eating texture.

The allotment movement nowadays countrywide is expanding as people realise that they can enjoy growing their own vegetables, enabling them to choose tastier varieties of vegetables. They can also have complete control over their growing conditions. If you decide to rent an allotment in the near future, you will be able to make a choice for yourself of what you eat, knowing when you come to consume them exactly what they are and how they have been grown. You will be in control and can decide whether or not, like many people, you choose to grow your vegetables organically, or of course, you may wish to use chemicals to keep them free from insects or disease. It is your choice. An added advantage is home grown vegetables cooked straight from the garden only take a few minutes to cook and tastes so much better!!!!

Are you a complete novice?

There really are not any mysteries to growing high-quality food from your own allotment. It may be that you have never grown any vegetables at home and you are questioning whether you would be able to succeed. No need to be concerned. The allotment movement attracts many people from all types of backgrounds, some of which have many years of experience, so there is a wealth of knowledge there for you to draw upon. In addition there are plenty of publications in the local library and TV stations that broadcast programmes with helpful advice and suggestions not forgetting the Internet

Choose which varieties of vegetable you grow.

The home and allotment grower has plenty of choice as to which vegetables and fruit they grow. There are quite a number of seed firms whose catalogues can readily be acquired. Also, as mentioned earlier, becoming a member of Capel St Mary Association allows you access to a range of seeds and sundries at very reasonable prices. There are also organisations nationally, who can provide seeds from organic sources. Also available are some of the older and sometimes treasured varieties made available to people through the organisation Heritage seed library.

Gardening is a good hobby.

If you choose to rent an allotment from the association, you will be able to take advantage of the healthy exercise cultivating a small piece of land can bring. If you would like to inquire further as to the availability of allotments for next spring, do not hesitate to contact one of the committee members, whom will be able to help and advise.

Allotment Facts

  • Allotments produce healthy, interesting varieties of fruit and vegetables for all our culinary needs
  • Allotments provide a tranquil environment
  • Allotments need not be time consuming or a chore
  • Allotments are not just for retired folk
  • Allotments are not just for people who do not have their own back gardens at home
  • Allotments are fun
  • Allotments are rewarding
  • Allotments may make a contribution to relieving stress in people's pressurized lifestyles
  • Allotments help us to save money on our fruit and vegetable shopping bills
  • Allotments provide produce with low food miles

For More Information

For further information on joining the Capel St Mary Allotments Association please email our Membership Secretary or see our contacts page.

For further information on renting a plot please email our Site Manager or see our contacts page.

Membership Documents

Please find links below to our membership documentation. This includes application forms, our association rules and our constitution.