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National Allotment Association - Advice

The National Allotment Society are regularly updating their advice to Allotment Plot Holders. Please remember to check the following link regularly for updated advice. The remainder of the advice on this page is specific to Capel St Mary Allotments Association and will be updated as and when new specific guidelines for our site are implemented. This has been updated recently (02/12/2020) - So please review the advice

National Allotment Society COVID-19 Advice

The Hut

The Hut is open as usual, however, we do ask that you let us serve you rather than getting a crowd inside a very small space.


These are open with instructions for cleaning after EVERY USE

Allotment Site

The allotment siteĀ  remains open.

Michael Gove MP, UK Minister for the Cabinet Office, stated this morning (24th March) on the television that going to and tending your allotment was considered exercise and therefore allowable under the current more stringent rules for slowing the spread of the coronavirus.

Remember the virus can be spread by contact from surfaces so if you touch something like a gate, padlock or tool touched by someone else, wash your hands with soap and water (even if cold) or use a proper hand sanitiser.