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For convenience we make a number of documents available to association members, copies of these documents can be viewed or downloaded from this page.

Our Constitution

Provides information about us as an allotments association, our objectives, membership and management. The full constitution is available using the following link.

 PDF Small Capel St Mary Allotments Association - Constitution

Application Forms

If you would like to join the Capel St Mary Allotments Association, or to rent and allotment plot, the following documents provide our current application forms. Please download and print the form. When complete follow the instructions on the form to return it to the relevant committee member.

 PDF Small Membership Application

PDF Small Apply For A Plot

PDF Small Apply For A Polytunnel Plot

PDF Small Apply For A Shed

Rules and Regulations

The following documents provides details of the rules and regulations regarding the Capel St Mary Allotments Association. Please take time to read them as they provide important information regarding your membership and plot rentals.

 PDF SmallCapel St Mary Allotments Association Rule Book

PDF SmallLocal Rules For Plotholders

PDF SmallSite Managers Notes For Plotholders

Policy Documents

As an allotment association we have a number of important policies regarding Data Protection, Health and Safety and Equal Opportunities. Please take time to read these. With the advent of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) in May 2018 our Data Protection Policy has been updated to conform to the new GDPR rules. This can be downloaded form this page, or viewed online by clicking on the "Privacy Policy" link at the bottom of each page on the site.

PDF Small Data Protection Policy

PDF SmallHealth And Safety Policy

PDF SmallEqual Opportunities Policy

Risk Assessments

The allotment association has recently conducted a full risk assessment for both the site and all events that we organise. Details of the results of these assessments can be found in the following documents.

PDF Small Risk Assessment - Events

PDF SmallRisk Assessment - Site

Site Information

The following documents provide information specific to the Allotment Site.

PDF SmallShed Rules

PDF SmallRotovator Hire

PDF SmallRules Of The Bonfire

PDF SmallSite Map


Please note that you will require a copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader to view these documents. The link below is provided for your convenience.


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