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Urgent - Blight Warning

28 June 2019

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URGENT - Blight Warning

There is Potato Blight on the Allotment Site. This can affect POTATO & TOMATO plants. The recent hot, damp & humid conditions have been ideal for this airborne fungal disease to develop and spread once the leaves of the plants touch.

At the moment it only appears to be affecting the first early potato crop. Otherwise healthy leaves and stems develop black/brown patches surrounded by a white halo. The leaves and stems will very quickly turn yellow and appear to rot.

Spraying a minor attack with a flower and vegetable fungicide (£1 a sachet in The Hut) every 14 days may be enough to stop the disease developing any further. ALL POTATO & TOMATO PLANTS should be sprayed as a precaution.

Plotholders, please see the email that has been sent to you regarding this.