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Newsletter - November 2022

27 October 2022

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VEG PLOT: - Pick frost tender crops, clear ground and get started on winter digging incorporating well-rotted manure, composted garden waste or mushroom compost (contact Capel Mushrooms on 01473 310380 for more details). Sow broad beans, lettuce under cloches and peas under fleece. Plant garlic cloves. Apply slug pellets. Cut back yellowing asparagus foliage to 2". Feed compost heaps with sulphate of ammonia. 

FRUIT: - Apply a Winter Tree Wash to fruit trees and bushes to control over-wintering insect pests. Remove summer fruited raspberry canes and tie in new shoots. Order and plant trees and bushes with a dusting of bone meal.

GREENHOUSE: - Empty greenhouse and wash down with Jeyes. Line with 1.5m wide bubble plastic. Bring in all frost tender plants. Check for and spray white fly. Apply slug pellets. Wash all pots and trays in Jeyes. Try sowing carrots, spring onions, radish and lettuce in large pots, transplant lettuce when large enough. Polytunnel plot holders please clear all summer crops by Christmas.

FLOWERS: - Plant spring flowering bulbs in pots or outside as soon as space is available. Plant wallflowers, sweet williams, carnations, pinks, pansies, polyanthus and heathers. Sow sweet peas. Mulch borders with chipped bark. Divide perennials.

LAWNS: - Re-seed worn areas. Aerate and scarify with a wire rake. Apply an autumn feed. Mow with blades set at medium height


SEED SCHEME - Any member wishing to order seeds via our dedicated scheme are encouraged to do so by 17th November. Orders can be placed online or via traditional paper copy. Please contact Phil Hickley for more information.

AUTUMN Work-In 23rd October 2022 - Thanks to everyone who signed up to join us for the Autumn Work-In. There are always plenty of jobs that need doing so even if you weren't able to come along, site manager Martin Leech will still be able to find a suitable job for you if you're interested. Contact Martin for more information.

THE HUT- winter closing - ‘The Hut’ will re-open for the next season on Saturday 4th February 2023 although, over the winter period we will continue to open the Hut on the second Saturday of each month in November (12th), December (10th) and January (14th). Outside of these dates, members are welcome to contact Dennis for items they require, and order -  preferably using the 'click and collect' facility.

FEED THE BIRDS -  We supply a selection of feeds to encourage wild birds into your garden.



The full list of major prize winners, winners of the individual classes, best kept allotment and details of previous mamoth vegetable record breakers along with grand prize draw winners, hut draw winners and a range of pictures from the Show can now be found on our web site: www.capelallotments.co.uk


The dates for next year's Show are confirmed - Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September 2023. For those interested in the 2023 photography classes, these have been decided and are as follows:

  • Through A Window
  • Stormy Weather
  • A Day Out
  • A Blot On The Landscape
  • A Picture Of Your Choice

All photographs to be colour, minimum size 150 x 100mm / 6" x 4" and maximum size 190 x 130mm / 7.5" x 5". Must be mounted and taken within the last 12 months.

For those interested in the 2023 handicraft classes, these are as follows:

  • Hand Knitted Item Of Clothing (Free Choice)
  • Hand Knitted Cushion
  • Crocheted Small Blanket (Max Size 70cm x 70cm)
  • A Christmas Decoration Using Any Craft
  • Cross Stitch Card With A Bird On (Max Size 250mm x 150mm)
  • Cross Stitch Or Tapestry Item (Kit or Freestyle)
  • Any Other Craft Item (Hard Material)
  • Any Other Craft Item (Soft Material)