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Newsletter - November 2020

2 November 2020

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VEG PLOT: - Pick frost tender crops, clear ground & get started on your winter digging incorporating well-rotted manure, composted garden waste or mushroom compost (phone 310380 for a £30 ‘Bucket’ load delivered to your plot). Sow broad beans, lettuce under cloches & peas under fleece (from 30p mtr.) Plant garlic cloves. Apply slug pellets (840g £2.50). Cut back yellowing asparagus foliage to 2". Feed compost heaps with sulphate of ammonia (5kg £3.50).

FRUIT: - Apply a Winter Tree Wash (500ml £11) to fruit trees and bushes to control over-wintering insect pests. Remove summer fruited blackberry, tayberry & raspberry canes to the ground, & tie in new shoots. Order & plant trees & bushes with a dusting of bone meal (5kg £4).

GREENHOUSE: - Empty greenhouse & wash down with Jeyes (300ml £4). Line with 1.5m wide bubble plastic (ONLY £2 per mtr). Bring in all frost tender plants. Check for & spray white fly with an Insect Gun (£3.80) or Sprayday (30ml £6.30) Apply slug pellets. Wash all pots & trays in Jeyes. Try sowing carrots, spring onions, radish and lettuce in large pots, transplant lettuce when large enough.

FLOWERS: - Plant spring flowering bulbs in pots (compost £5.30) or outside as soon as space is available. Plant wallflowers, sweet Williams, carnations, pinks, pansy’s, polyanthus & heather's. Sow sweet peas. Mulch borders with wood chips or chipped bark (75ltrs £7). Divide perennials. Ventilate chrysanthemum stools in cold frames.

LAWNS: - Re-seed worn areas (grass seed £4.40 per kg.) Aerate & scarify with a wire rake. Apply a dressing of sharp sand (£2.50), an autumn feed, 5kg treats 70sq mtrs (£5.50). Mow with blades set at medium height.

All items are available to our members from a range of quality products provided to meet basic gardening needs. Also available: - Water softener salt (25 kg £8.50), blocks £5, 5kg bags of Dishwasher & Icy Path Salt (£2).


MEMBERSHIP - If you haven’t yet please pay your sub’s & plot rental by BACS, cheque or cash. If you would like to join the Association please log on to our web site at www.capelallotments.co.uk where you will find an application form.

AUTUMN SEED SCHEME - Paper seed orders by 5th November to Phil or online as soon as you are ready after contacting Phil for your personal access discount code.

AUTUMN Work-In 18th October 2020 - Thanks to everyone who was able to join us for the Autumn Work-In. We cleared another batch of jobs to keep the site looking smart and we found time to enjoy a steaming mug of tea or coffee & present the Best Kept Allotment trophy & prizes to Andrew Tokely, Gavin Leeks, Dennis Smith, Graham Whybrow & Andrew Howells .

THE HUT-winter closing - We re-open on Saturday the 6th February 2021. Until then Members are welcome to follow the Online Sales format for all your gardening requirements - Fleece, Bubble plastic, in fact our full range of garden products and other sundry items such as :- Water softener salt, Block Salt, Wild Bird Seed, Pea Nuts & Lump Wood Charcoal (for the winter hardy cooks)………..

CULTIVATOR HIRE - A cultivator is available for hire for on site use only. The fee is £10 for the first 2 hours. To hire this equipment please give Dennis as much notice as possible or for any matters relating to the site please contact Dennis.                              

FEED THE BIRDS - In addition to garden sundries we also supply a choice of feeds to encourage wild birds into your garden. We have 3 kilo bags of Wild Bird Seed (£1.50, 12.5kg £5), Black Sunflower Seeds (£3, 12.75kg £12) and 2kg Pea Nuts (£3.50), Sunflower Hearts 2kg £3.50 & Fat Balls (bag of 20 £1.50).