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Kings Seeds Visit 22 June 2017

25 September 2017

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Kings Seeds Visit 22 June 2017 - Combined invites from the Garden Club and Allotments Association


It was a warm, cloudy but blustery evening for the seventeen of us who visited Kings Seeds in Kelvedon, Essex.  We were welcomed to a colourful site as we approached the premises with fields of sweet peas and their accompanied scent we were to shortly experience.   Peter Miller who has been working for Kings for over 50 years welcomed us all.  He certainly knew his history and gave us over 2 hours of his time to share and show us this expert information.  We started outside with the sweet peas which have been a major part of the business for the last 129 years. We were given lists of the 71 varieties for the 2017 sweet pea productions including the trials, to make notes.  A tour of the premises followed which included the production line, manufacturing, the laboratory and the warehouse.  With the length of time Kings has been in business there was lots of equipment and machinery, past and present to show us.  Fascinating to learn how our predecessors collected, processed and handled the seeds and measured them into packets for sale, (loved the measuring spoons!). It was interesting to see the new technology take its place alongside traditional methods in manufacturing and processing.  A worthwhile and enjoyable visit.


Wendy Russell


Some photographs from our visit are now available.