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Association News - June 2017

28 May 2017

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MEMBERS SUMMER BBQ (40th Anniversary) 2017

Members & their guests can come and join us from 5.30pm at the Pound Lane Allotments Site on Saturday July 29h. Join in the games, quiz & treasure hunt or just sit back and relax. A three course meal (plus cheese board) will be served from around 7.30pm. Tickets at £8.50 each are available from ‘The Hut’ or phone Graham or info@capelallotments.co.uk. (sub teens £5, up to 3yrs free) B.Y.O drinks. Teas & Coffee available all night from our ‘pop-up kitchen’. Limited seating will be available so please bring your own. There is a proposed menu on our web site which is subject to change.


A rotovator and a cultivator are available for hire for on-site use only. The fee is £10 for the first two hours. Hire time runs from handover and ceases when the machine is returned to the machinery shed. Please give Dennis advance notice to hire this equipment or for any matters relating to the site please contact Dennis on sitemanager@capelallotments.co.uk


The Purple Allium are looking stunning at the moment. The bank is covered with Pink Campion and the rough prickly leaves of Teazles. Some Shrubs are in flower. There is an established stock of Newts in the deeper water & a myriad of pond skaters, numerous diving beetles, water snails & dragon fly larvae. Please make sure children are supervised if visiting the area, we are sure they will find the information boards very helpful to identify pond life, butterfly’s & other wild life in this corner of the Allotments Site. We are delighted that several groups have again taken up our offer to visit us over the next couple of months. Please contact us for more information.
Dennis Smith & Graham Whybrow have again grown plants for the stand at the Suffolk Show to fill an L shaped raised bed on 31st May & 1st June. Our thanks to Kings Seeds for providing the seeds for this project.


  • Picture to depict Life in Suffolk in the 21st Century
  • A great British Holiday
  • Transport through time
  • Bird life
  • Photo of your choice

All photographs to be colour, minimum size 150x100mm/6" x 4" and maximum size 190 x 130mm/7.5" x 5" and mounted and taken within the last eighteen months.


THE HUT is open 10-12 noon Saturdays & Sundays throughout June.


Membership is just £5 a year and is open to both plot holders and non-plot holders alike, where ever you live. A visit to ‘THE HUT’ should easily recoup this investment when you take advantage of our special bulk buy prices.


If you are thinking of erecting a shed on your plot there are a few regulations that need to be followed. The shed must be of appropriate construction, no larger than 6’ x 4’ x 8’ high, gable ended with the ridge running East West, be in the corner of the full plot, be adjacent to the central foot path (plots behind the Polytunnel, on the east end) and the door must open onto your plot so as not to inconvenience others. All sheds must be securely anchored to the ground by metal or wooden posts & painted brown. The site manager must be contacted before construction commences or alterations to an existing shed take place.


This will be CLOSED from Monday 19th June & re-open on Friday 4th August. Please keep materials on your plot.

Open Gardens

For information on local gardens which are open this month visit www.opengardens.co.uk. Click on the date search & add month & county.

And Finally...

Watch out for another visit this month by the best kept allotment judge.


The Associations email address has been replaced with a number of functional email addresses. These addresses are listed on the contacts page. When emailing the association please select the most appropriate address.